Les Miserables

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Had a really chill day today! Skyped with my mom when I woke up and then I was on the bike for a while. The rest of the day I basically slept through. At 6 I went to the movies with Janette and Elena to see Les Miserables. After the movie was over, after like 3 hours, we had Panda Express and then we got picked up. Now I'm gonna read a bit and then sleep. Puss!


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Been skyping with violet so much the last two days. Yesterday we Skyped for 10 hours, and now we're skyping again. Why?! CUZ WE'RE BOTH SO BORED! I actually miss school. I miss having something to do. Blah.

So right now I'm skyping, drinking tea, watching Hannah Montana and writing a blog post. Multitasking fo sho. And I'm texting with random people too. I wanna go home to Sweden just for a weekend. I wanna go out and have fuuuuun!!!

Morning workout

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Been on the exercise bike now for 35 minutes. Gonna do it for at least an hour. Need to lose the weight I've gained. Only 7 pounds left!!!

Summary of my 2012

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  • Had my first online meeting with EF
  • I turned 16!!!!!
February, March & April:
  • Seriously, nothing happened except for me having lots of nationella prov in school.
  • Got the papers for the Visa
  • Went to the avresemöte
  • Went to the American Embassy in Stockholm to get my Visa.
  • Told everyone that I was gonna get my host family within a week
  • Got my host family within a week after I said that. (superpowers)
  • Finished 9th grade and grundskolan
  • Only 4 weeks left in Sweden
  • Went to Spain for two weeks
  • Got my flight details
  • Got a thousand emails from my RC (Regional Coordinator)
  • Started packing.
  • Goodbye parties for my friends and my family
  • Said goodbye to my besties ♥
  • Left my home, family, friends, and Sweden
  • CAMP!!!
  • BOSTON!!!
  • Baseball game
  • Ben & Jerry factory
  • VEGAS!
  • Started dping cross country at school
  • Started American high school!!
  • EF Welcome Party
  • Changed family
  • New family and new school, Palo Verde High School
  • First dream in English
  • Bleached my hair!


  • L.A Fashion District
  • Zion National Park, Utah
  • Homecoming
  • First time walking around on the Strip
  • Fright Dome
  • Halloween
  • Election
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • My first American party


  • My first basketball game
  • EF Christmas party
  • Michelle left me
  • Doomsday
  • Christmas
Now: Homesick. I want to go home.

1:23 AM

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I don't feel like going to sleep. Gaaaaah! Does anybody wanna Skype or just write random stuff with me? Or ask questions!!! Cause I'm bored y'all.

Boxing Day

Publicerad 2012-12-27 06:27:51 i I USA,

Didn't do a lot today. Woke up at 9 and watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo until 11:30 and then I slept some more until 1. Then I had some breakfast and watched How I Met Your Mother and helped Yvonne with the turkey fryer. At 3:30, Marissa and I went down to the mall. And I was so good! I only spent $12 on a pair of sunglasses that I've tried on every time we've been there since like October. So it was really time for me to buy them. Then we had dinner at the Nordstroms cafe. I had a California Panini and it was really good! After that we went back home and did some squats. I also got a late Christmas gift! It was all sorts of shower thingies so I was really happy about that! Now we're laying on the couch waiting for my IEC to get here, getting tired.


They're like mint green, unfortunately you can't see that on my really cool picture.


Publicerad 2012-12-26 09:50:05 i I USA,

Oh!!! The day has been great! Woke up at 8:30 and went out for a run. And gosh I looked good! Wore my new running jacket that I got from my mom back home and yeah, I looked like a boss. When I got back I took a long nap and then we started fixing stuff around the house. At around 3:30 people started coming and we started eating around 4. And dude, I really don't like turkey, urk. But I ate some mac&cheese and some other stuff too. After dinner we started opening gifts. I got a new PJ, earrings, nail polish, jewelry box, JB perfume+lotion+shower gel, and a shirt that my host grandma&grandpa had bought when they were in South America. So I'm really happy with my gifts! Hope everyone back in Sweden had a great Christmas Day cause I did! Now I need to sleeeeep!

Christmas Eve

Publicerad 2012-12-24 18:36:33 i I USA,

Christmas Eve is here. Weird. This year went by so fast. Today I've been here for 5 months, which is almost half the time. 5 months and a half is half my year. Feels weird, bc this first half of the year has gone by so fast, too fast. Soon I'll be on a plane back to Sweden again. And that feels weird.

I don't really know what we're doing today. I'm gonna get up soon and get some exercise done on the bike. And then I have to cook some avocado thingy I think.

Yesterday I skyped with my mom and sister back home and we opened each other's gifts. I got sooo many great things! Like a jacket for running, jeans, jewelry, and candy (kinderägg, lösgodis). And i'm so happy!! So I'm gonna eat some after I've exercised, haha! I also got the most cutest iPhone case ever!! Gonna take a picture of it and post it! (Written afterwards: DANG IT! Can't take it off)

I hope that everyone is having a great Christmas. I hope all the other exchange students don't get too homesick (bc I'm not) and that everyone back home enjoys the good food and Kalle Anka! Love you!

December 22, 2012, 3:21pm

Publicerad 2012-12-23 00:37:00 i I USA,

Already loving winter break. I woke up around 9:30 and went out for a long walk. 1 hour and 10 minutes. And I wore my easytones so now my legs hurt a bit. When I got home I slept until like 1:30 and then I got a bisquit to eat and now I'm watching a movie and eating chocolate money.
Yesterday at the party when we exchanged gifts, I got one of those oil burners from The Body Shop so that has been burning all day so my room smells so good! And when I was out with Yvonne yesterday before the party, I bought a scented candle, sparkling cinnamon. So yeah, It's a lot of mixed scents in here but it smells so good. And when I have the candles lit, and my christmas tree lights on, it really feels like I'm home.
Now I'm gonna download music and continue watching my movie. It's already Sunday in Sweden, so have a great Sundayfunday! Puss!
Picture from the party yesterday. Kata (Finland), me, Ida (Norway) with Nikko, Amanda, Jenna and Carlos! (Amanda's picture)


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IM STILL ALIVE!!! No seriously. I was really scared after watching a video last night. I was even planning how I was gonna survive. But no problem cause nothing happened! But because of all the rumors about someone shooting at school, all the teachers locked their doors. And every time someone knocked on the door, I though: EFF! I WILL BE DEAD IN 10 SECONDS! But see, I'm still here.

And there was more than 1100 students absent today. We were only 10 student in my first period and we watched a movie in two of my periods (I slept).

After school, Yvonne and I went to Del Taco and then Bed, Bath & Beyond and Marshall's. I found reebook easytones for only $29!!!! Had to buy them! And I also bought some Christmas gifts.

When we got home, Norway texted me and was like: are you coming tonight? And I was like: da heck? But apparently Amanda had sent me a text but I hadn't got it. So Yvonne took me to Amanda's and we had dinner and exchanged gifts. It was a great first evening on winter break. CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S CHRISTMAS NEXT WEEK AND IM NOT GONNA SPEND IT AT HOME WITH MY FAMILY!!!

Cinnamon rolls

Publicerad 2012-12-19 02:07:49 i I USA,

School was good today, was tired all day tho. After school we went to Del Taco as usual and then we went home. Started making cinnamon rolls when Yvonne went to Walmart and they we're done after she went and got Marissa. So now we're all sitting on the couch eating cinnamon rolls getting fat haha. Probably gonna take a little nap soon and then start doing my homework, math as usual.

There's a rumor going around at school that someone is gonna come and shoot at the school on Friday. Don't know if it's because of what happened last week or because the world is going to end. So we'll see if I have the guts to go to school on Friday hihi. Then in a week it's Christmas, which means I've been here for almost 5 months! SICK. And a new year in two weeks, if we don't die that is. And my birthday is in 44 days, wiiiie!

December 17th

Publicerad 2012-12-18 04:13:34 i I USA,

My beautiful friend Michelle left Vegas an hour ago. I missed her in school. But I know I'll see her when were both back in Sweden!

So yeah, school today was kinda bad. Missed Michelle. But it was okay. Found out some craaaazzzyyy stuff but it was all good!

After school, Mark's new host family picked him up and I ate hot dogs with chips. Then I went to sleep for 2 hours and now I've completed my sport packet (track starts soon) and done some homework.

Don't know if we were going to home goods or something like that at 8 for some shopping. And yes, we go out late at night for shopping when others are sitting at home haha.

Got my Christmas gifts from Sweden yesterday but I could only open one of the gifts. It was a gift card from iTunes so I bought a Christmas album with 70 songs and it was really cheap so I'm really happy with that. Thanks mom and Sandra!


Christmas partayyy

Publicerad 2012-12-16 07:47:54 i I USA,

(Wrote this post when I woke up this morning, but it didn't post it so I'll just do it now)

So yesterday it was the EF Christmas party. It was like 30 min away in Henderson. The house that we were going to was in a gated community (!!) and when we get inside the gates we realize that they're rich. The houses are HUUUUGE and beautiful and just awesome. And outside of the house that we were going to I met Asvinaa (Norway), Laurrrrrrra (Italy) and some other exchange students that I don't really know the name of, but they all live kinda close to me.

And then, the house. SO BEAUTIFUL! SO BIG! SO SICK! Seriously, it was massive. It had 9 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The owner gave us a tour and the guest room was bigger than my entire house with a jacuzzi, two closets and a plasma tv. The laundry room was bigger than my bedroom here + in sweden combined!!! And they have two exchange students there!! They had a movie theatre, 8 christmas trees, a big pool and omg, it was CRAZY! But the party was a lot of fun. We had a paketlek and I got a massager and some chocolate!

And then Mark (Denmark) went with us home cause he's gonna stay here over the weekend cause he's in the process of changing families. And we also went and got Michelle since it's her last weekend here, buhu :(. Today we're going down to the strip to se Kendall and Kylie Jenner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Palo Verde Basketball

Publicerad 2012-12-13 06:43:54 i I USA,

Got home like an hour ago from my first ever basketball game at the school! It was so cooool! And gosh, now I really wanna be a cheerleader! Looks so much fun. We won after some nervous last seconds with 80-78!!

Now I'm at home. Took a shower before and now I'm trying to do some math but it's so hard so I'm not really feeling it. So I'm listening to musikhjälpen instead. Ah, I hate math. The quiz on Friday will be so bad, just saying.

So I think I'm gonna go to bed instead. Goodnight peeps!

Pictures: Matt and Michelle cuddling in algebra today, cheerleaders, basketball and a house in our neighborhood!

Under the Mistletoe

Publicerad 2012-12-12 04:42:21 i I USA,

School has been good both yesterday and today. And today I got told by a girl that her boyfriend had told her to talk more like me. RUDE OR WHAT?! To her, not me, haha. But I don't really know who he is so I've probably never talked to him and that's weird.

Omg, I'm really looking forward to when my mom and sister are coming here in March. And AAAARGH! I'm so mad!!! I missed Justin Bieber when he was here in September bc of Disneyland. Then I'm gonna miss him when he's in Sweden and Denmark in April, bc I'm still here then. And then, he added 30 more dates to his tour. And he's coming here to Vegas again. But. I'm already home by then. Effing bs! So mad. Like seriously. Not okay.

Only one week and a half left in school and then Christmas and winter break! Finally! And next week it's holiday dress up week and assembly on Thursday so I'm really excited for that! Michelle leaves on Monday next week so I'll probably/hopefully spend the entire weekend with her. I'm gonna miss her!!!!!

I went to the athletics office today at lunch and got a new sport packet so that I can try out for track when that starts! Soooo excited! Probably gonna do it with Norway and that'll be a lot of fun!

Now I need to do some math and print some vocab for biology.


Casual Sunday<3

Publicerad 2012-12-09 21:09:20 i I USA,

Woke up at 7:30-ish and had a Skype date with mom and Sandra. Then I had another Skype date with ma bestie. Miss them all! 
I really love Sundays! I can just lay in bed all day without doing anything. I have to do some math though, but it's still one of my favorite days of the week. 
And yesterday was awesome at the Lucia and julbord thing. It was the first time I ate kokt potatis since I left Sweden, haha. And I got some Christmas feelings but now they're all gone again. I NEED SNOW! I NEED MY FAMILY! I NEED SWEDEN! 
But overall, my homesickness is going away more and more everyday, which is weird, because all the other exchangestudents are getting more homesick now. And I just feel more comfortable then ever now, haha. 

I'm happy

Publicerad 2012-12-07 06:41:52 i I USA,

School was good today. But my phone stopped working because I was supposed to pay my bill yesterday, haha. So after school we went straight to T-mobile to pay my bill. So I've been texting with random people now all night, haha.
When we got home I slept for 2 hours and then I did some of my homework. I still have math to do but Jersey Shore is on so it's hard to concentrate. And I'm in a new dress that I bought last week at H&M. Only $10!!! And I love it!
Now I really have to do my math. Mom, skype on sunday? Great. Bye.


Publicerad 2012-12-06 02:23:43 i I USA,

I seriously can't remember a lot of my old life. Like how do the teachers back home know when the class is over without a bell? And how will I now that class is starting without a bell? I'll be lost. And what do I do without homework? But it's good that I don't remember anything, because then I have nothing to miss. I actually don't miss stuff from back home anymore. And it feels good.

Now we're out driving around to different places, and I'm so tired, I really need a nap.

And I'm really looking forward to this weekend!! I have the Lucia on Saturday, then a date on Saturday evening (woopwoop) and then I want Michelle to stay over from Saturday til Sunday but we'll see!

Now I gotta go! Seeeeya!

December 3rd

Publicerad 2012-12-04 02:01:26 i I USA,

First, happy birthday to my friend Matilda back home that turns 16 today (December 3rd)! Miss you!

School was good today, but I was tired the whole day because I couldn't fall asleep last night until like 12.. But I finally got my video prod sweatshirt!! Wiiii! So now I have both a t-shirt and a sweatshirt from PVHS. Those will def come with me home. I'm probably gonna buy one more t-shirt from the student 2 student club, but we'll see.

I got home like 2 hours ago and I've just been sleeping since then. I need to get up and empty the dishwasher and do my homework soon. I really hate math now that I'm here. I actually liked it back home, but now, blä.

Hope everyone is doing alright!

Town Square, Las Vegas, NV

Publicerad 2012-12-02 07:23:11 i I USA,

Michelle and I got picked up at 9:30 and spent the entire morning at the Lucia meeting. Then we got dropped off at Town Square. And you remember that I said I wasn't gonna buy anything? Well, I broke that. FINALLY found a pair of blue jeans (!!!) that were perfect. I've been looking for blue jeans for sooo long! I bought them at A&F for $36 so it was really worth it. And I bought a dress ($10), hair ties ($2), duck tape ($5), Christmas gift to bästis Madde ($???), a candle ($5) and a small Christmas tree ($8). And the Christmas tree is soooo cute! Love it.

We had fika at yogurt land and then we had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. That's probably my favorite restaurant (except for IHOP...). And Town Square is decorated so cute now around Christmas and they're playing Christmas music everywhere. Even Justin's Christmas songs!!!!

NOW I'm gonna try to save my money at least until our possible San Diego trip before Christmas and the LA trip with EF in April. It'll be hard, very hard. Can someone nice send me more money? Pleeeeaaaase? I just find so many cheap things here, and my brain in set to YOLO so it's hard not to buy cheap and cute stuff. But at the same time, I feel like I'm very aware of how much money I have and I know everything I need money for every month. Like I know how much I can spend on money and how much I need to save for important stuff such as my phone bill, toothpaste, shampoo, dinner out and stuff. VUXENPOÄNG!

Now I'm gonna go and eat pepperoni pizza.

December 1, 2012

Publicerad 2012-12-01 17:42:12 i I USA,

Already December, sick. I thought I was gonna be homesick by now but nothing. Last week I even wanted to cry so I tried to cry but it didn't work.. So yeah.

I have the chocolate calendar to Michelle because I knew she wanted one when I told her that I had gotten some from Sweden. But now she has one too so when she wakes up we're gonna open them together. Sweeeeet.

I appreciate Swedish stuff so much more now. Like yesterday, when I ate kexchoklad, oh gosh, it was SO GOOD!!! Better than it has ever tasted before!

After the Lucia meeting, Michelle and I are going to Town Square to shop. I don't think I'm gonna buy something, I just wanna check what amount of money I have on my gift card from VS. Got it as a Christmas gift from VS when I bought some stuff there and it has at least $10 on it but it can be up to $500 on it so I'm really excited to check what I have on mine.



Publicerad 2012-12-01 04:27:17 i I USA,

Today has been a great day! I'm happy! In school we had "parties" in two of my classes, US history and Spanish. We ate cupcakes, cookies and just didn't do anything related to school. Why? It was our UNLV (university of las vegas) interns last day today. So that was very nice!
After school, Yvonne and I went home quick to get my money and then we went to DSW and some other stores. At DSW I bought REAL uggs for $75 (525kr). So that was reeeaaaallllllly worth it! Gotta love America for all the cheap stuff! After being at DSW, we went to some world food market and guess what I found? Singoalla, Kexchoklad, small Marabou with daim and chocolate calendars!!!! Gosh! I was in chock when I saw all the Swedish stuff!
Then we drove around a little bit and got pizza and then we went and got Marissa at school and took her home. After being home for like 5 minutes, Yvonne and I went to Costco to get some stuff and then we took Marissa back to school for a dance show. I got home like 15 min ago so it's nice to finally just chill out.
Michelle is coming over in an hour or so, so now I'm just gonna chill and maybe sleep a little bit.


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