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Yes I'm at home. I got home last Monday, the 10th. Surprised my sister and my best friend. It was soooo much fun, especially my sister. she graduated on the Wednesday after that and she thought I wasn't gonna come home for her graduation. She started crying, laughing and screaming. Exactly the reaction I wanted. 
It's been hard being back though. Both mentally and physically, but mostly mentally. Everything's different. And everything feels new. But I'll be fine soon.

Graduation Party

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A friend of mine is having his graduation party tonight so that's my plans. Probably gonna stay there pretty late since it's my last Saturday here.

Almost done packing. Sucks. It doesn't feel real though. Doesn't feel like I'm gonna be in Sweden next week hugging family and friends. Sick.

3 days

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Only three days left of American high school, and they're not even real days. We're only gonna have finals and we end everyday at like 11:30. We had our last full day yesterday. It feels so weird.

I got a diploma from CCSD for finishing my year, and it's almost exactly like the ones they give out when you finish high school so that was cool. I've started packing a little bit, which is very sad. I feel like crying every time I see my suitcases.

I'm very stressed out. I feel like I have so many things to do. I'm not ready to leaveeeee. I love my life here.

10 months

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Tomorrow I've been here for 10 months. And it has probably been the best 10 months in my life so far. Especially the last two months. I've been so happy these last two months and I love my life here. I love my American life!

Today, Thursday, was the last day of school this week. Tomorrow it's Staff Development Day and on Monday it's Memorial Day so no school on Monday either yay! There's a lot of projects and stuff now at the end of the year and I have a big one that's due next week. Jena, and many of my senior friends are at Gradnight at Disneyland today so I'm just gonna stay home tonight and do my project.

Tomorrow I'm gonna start my day with some Skype with my bestie from back home and then watch Wizard of Oz with Jena and Jerry. And tomorrow night I'll probably go and hangout with friends. Really looking forward to this 4-day weekend. I'm just gonna hangout with friends and sleeeeep. Next week is full of review and the the week after that is full of finals and then I go back to Sweden. So crazy. Less than three weeks. Wäääh.

We got our yearbooks this week. I'm in a really big picture haha. Terrible, cuz it's during spirit week and during pajama day so I look like a bum. Haha but whatever.

Now I'm gonna have some dinner with Jerry. Byyye!


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Prom was awesome, almost two weeks ago already haha. Haven't really had time or energy to post anything here but everything's been great. I don't understand why all the great things happen in the end because now I don't want to leave. I've grown close to people and it's gonna be really hard to leave.

Weekend in L.A/Hollywood [PICTURES]

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Last friday, I woke up at 4 and at 5:30, Jena, Amanda, Kata, Ida and I got picked up from the school. When we got to L.A at around 12-1 something we went straight to Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. And I actually bought something on Rodeo Drive from Juicy Couture. I felt rich haha. Then we went to Hollywood Blvd. Captain America asked for my number and wanted to take me to his hotelroom haha. And he looked like Bradley Cooper haha. Jena, Amanda and I had dinner at Chick-fil-A. Best food ever. Bought some stuff that day. Don't remember eveything but at least a shirt, a snapback, a bandeau. It was a lot of fun. 
On Saturday we went to Universal Studios and spent the entire day there entil 7pm when the park closed. Then we went to the CityWalk and looked around. Justin Bieber taped some parts of his video for Baby at the CityWalk so that was cool.
Santa Monica and the pier was Sunday's plans. We were mostly on the third street promenade because the beach was way too cold haha (20 degrees C). Walked around in the stores for like 2 hours and then we went down to the beach just cuz. The water was freeeeezzzzing, but Amanda and Kata were swimming haha.
99% of the pictures are Amanda's so no stealing.
The car from the Back to the Future triology. COOL.
Right now, Irene and I are at my house. When Jena comes home we're gonna go and get shoes for prom since I couldn't wear my sneakers... But whatever, it's always nice with some new shoes. Saturday wil be so stressful but I can't wait! Going back home soon. Damn.

getting asked to prom

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Yesterday was eventful haha. After school I went with my hostdad to pick up Jena and then we went down to the mall to find a prom dress. At 5-6 something when we were done we went home for about 5 min and then Jena and I went back to school for a comedy show. After the comedy show, this happened (pictures). Haha. Great day!


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The fact that I've been here for 9 months now and going home in like 1.5 makes me wanna cry or something. This is by far the best year of my life. All the people I've met, the places I've seen, the things I've done. I'm gonna miss this place so damn much. It's unbelievable that I won't be able to graduate here with all my friends. I feel more American than Swedish. I love this place.
So, what has been going on? A lot of stuff! Last friday, like a week ago, Jena, Amanda and I went over to Alex's house and me up with Jacoby, Holden and Alec. Were there until like 12 and then we went to In-n-out for some late night dinner and we had a lot of fun! On Saturday we went and hung out with different people.
The this week it's been a lot of school, friends and shooting a trailer for video prod. It has all been a lot of fun! I love it here and I'm super sad that I'm going home soon.
Tomorrow morning, we're off to L.A. At 5:30 in the morning, Jena, Amanda, Kata and I need to be at the school to get picked up. It's with EF. And then next weekend, on the 4th: PROM! Super excited about that! Kata is gonna fix my dress which I'm so thankful for because going to a tailor and get it done was like $50-60. So thankful for my great friends here!
Here's pictures from the week!
My bestie Micko.
Irene and I just chillen
I have the best friends. Ida, Irene, Kata and Amanda. And then me.
Amanda and I at Alex's house
Trailer for VP
I'm so badass.
A scene from our trailer. Alyssa, me and Tia.
Taking a break from shooting.
Me and Ignacio. My bestie in algebra. The teacher moved him today tho cuz we where having too much fun.
And Arthur my brazilian.

50-something days

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Less than 2 months left. Poop. That's why I won't blog as much as I did before. I'm gonna try to do as much as I possibly can these last 2 months.
On Monday after school, at like 7:30pm, we went down to Crossings for a Paint fight. It was crazy fun! My face, hair, clothes, shoes and everything were full of paint. Had to use shampoo twice after that haha. But it was a lot of fun.
Don't really know what to say. School's great, friends are great, family's great and life's great! Bye.

Ready for prom!

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Soooo happy! Today Amanda, Jena and I went down to David's Bridal and Meadows Mall to find prom dresses. The first one I tried one was perfect! Aaaaaand I bought it! Don't wanna post a picture of it yet though. I want it to be a surprise on May 4th. OMG, I'm so excited for prom. And yes, I now have a date.


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Approx 2 months left until I go home. Am I sad or excited? SAD! I wanna finish high school here. School here is so much more fun and I love the people here and I love my American life. So what the heck. I WANNA STAY! Especially now that I live with this family. It's so much better! I'm busy all the time and I have plans for almost every day! Dude, I need to go to college here. 3 years in Sweden, then I wanna come back. USA has grown on me, a lot! Even though some things here are kinda jacked up, I love it. Why is it only 2 months left?!
This week has gone by fast. Tomorrow's already Friday! And for the first time ever in my life, it's not good that the time is going by fast. It's only good if the time goes by fast 1st and 2nd period haha. I really don't like my second period, algebra. Or, it's mostly mrs Campbell that's the problem. She insulted me this week. I hate her.
The LA-trip and Prom is almost here!!! The LA-trip is in two weeks I think and then prom is the weekend after that! Jena is coming with me on the LA-trip, yay! And I pretty much have a date for prom as well. Or, like, it's hard to explain. Whatever. You'll find out more soon.

Week 2

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Week 2 in my new family and I really couldn't be more happy! School's going great (even if I'm not doing anything), my family's great and everything's great!

On Saturday, I'm gonna go dress shopping with Jena and one of her friends! So excited for prom!

Fugitive Friday!

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Yesterday was sooo crazy but a lot of fun! I met so many new people! I met all of Jena's friends, my own friends from school and it was all fun! Jena's friends calls me the foreigner.

During the game I had to jump into bushes and stuff so I have A BUNCH of scratches all over my body! Drew, one of Jena's friends, got a small tree stuck in her leg.

We got home around 11:30-12 and I went straight to bed. I'm really not used to being out late anymore haha.

Plans for tonight!

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Got home from school about 20-30 min ago. Had a great day! Jena (my host sister) didn't have dance practice after school today so I went home with her and we also took Kata home since she lives in the next neighborhood.

Tonight, Jena and I are first going to Kata's house with Amanda, Ida and Irene, and then Jena and I are going to this thing called fugitive. Basically, we need to go to a place without being seen by any of the others. It's hard to explain haha. It's so nice to have plans!!!!

This family is so great! I'm so happy!

Picture: Irene and I yesterday at the Palo girls' lacrosse game! Go panthers!

Luxor's Titanic exhibit

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DUDE! Forgot to tell you guys about the Titanic exhibition I went to with my mom on Spring break! It was at Luxor, the hotel next to ours and when we were on our way in we got our tickets which had the names of a real passenger. I was Mrs. Boulton Earnshaw, 23 yrs old from Mt Airy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I had been in Europe in an effort to take my mind of my impending divorce. My mom was a clothing designer! Then we went through the exhibition. It was soooooooo cool! They had stuff there from real passengers that they had found at the bottom of the ocean, a piece of the Titanic (!!!!) and several other stuff! The last room of the exhibition had a wall with all the passengers, the ones that had died and the ones that had survived. My character was a 1st class passenger and I was one of the few that survived. My mom's character survived too. And her character was displayed inside the exhibit with some information and some of her stuff! So cool!!!

I just remembered that I hadn't posted anything about it now that I found my ticket, haha. Later today I'm going to Kata's lacrosse game with Irene! Woho, my first lacrosse game! And I probably got a date for prom as well, yay!


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