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This was probably the best springbreak (pasklov) I've ever had! Last friday, on the 22nd, my mom and sister came and they went back home yesterday. The two first days we stayed here in Vegas and I showed them my school and some other places. On monday-wednesday we were in LA. We went everywhere! Santa Monica pier, venice beach, hollywood blvd, hollywood sign, miley's house (i saw her brother). When we were in West Hollywood at a restaurant for dinner, we also saw McLovin from Superbad! I freaked out!
On thursday we went down to Grand Canyon, AZ. IT WAS SO COOL!!! One of the coolest places i've ever been to. Friday and Saturday we spent in Vegas. We were down by the pool at our hotel, Excalibur, we went shopping and we just took it easy. It was a bit hard yesterday at the airport. Cried. A lot. Even after they were gone.
After an hour or so at the airport, my IEC picked me up and took me to my new family. Still getting settled but it feels really good! School also started today. My 4th and last quarter at Palo Verde high school. Kinda sick. Ths year has gone by so fast! And now it's only about 2.5 months left! 9 weeks left of school! Daaaang!
I'll post pictures of my spring break later. So happy I got to spend my spring break with my family! 

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Publicerad 2013-04-02 06:19:32

Sweet Emma! Fun as always to read about your adventure! Looking forward to news from your mom today, if we have time at work... ;-)
Awaiting pictures! Hugs and cuddles from Ann at moms work!

Postat av: Madeleine

Publicerad 2013-04-10 09:16:37

Så kul att höra att ni gjort så mycket kul hoppas den sitsta tiden i USA blir underbar! Jag saknar dig. Puss min fina bästis <3

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