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(I wrote all of this yesterday, but it didn't wanna post it)
I hate living in a messy room but that's exactly what I'm doing right now. I'm staying in their living room and I sleep on one of the couches. Then, I have half of the room filled with my stuff. There's stuff everywhere! I didn't realize I had that much stuff. I came to the US with a big suitcase and a bag. Now, I have my big suitcase, my bag + 8 more bags. Dang! Like how can you even get that much stuff in 8 months?! I really have no idea how I'm gonna get back home to Sweden with this much stuff... And! The suitcase now only has clothes in it. No shoes, books or anything. Just clothes.

Today I went back to school finally! You get really bored when you're just sitting at home for two days. But it's so hard to like find the clothes I wanna wear since they're all in the suitcase. Lucky for me, we have spirit week this week (battle of the sexes - hungergames). Today it was army girl vs. army boy. So I had my black jeans, a military green shirt and my military jacket. On Monday it was business man vs. business woman and yesterday (Tuesday) it was crazy Capitol boy vs. crazy Capitol girl. So sad I missed it! Tomorrow it's the actual battle so we're all gonna wear our battle shirts. I preordered mine last week so I picked it up today. The girls' shirts are pink and the boys' are blue. I'll post a picture of mine.

After school we went home for a bit and then at 5 we went to my new "host sisters" (my IEC's exchange students) choir concert at kltheir school. It was really cool! We got home like an hour ago so now I'm gonna eat and continue with my homework!

Pictures: my battle shirt and the sunset at cimarron HS.


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So a lot of stuff happened yesterday. Not gonna talk about all the details, but basically I've moved now. Or I'm staying with my IEC until my family comes here, then I'll stay with my family at their hotel for spring break and then I'll hopefully move to my new host family. And when I had to pack yesterday.. OMG. I really didn't know I had that much stuff. It's my suitcase and then like 7 different bags with more stuff. The suitcase only has clothes in it. CRAYCRAY! But it's good, because now I know what I'm gonna have to deal with when I'm going back to Sweden.
So yeah, I'm at my IEC's house now doing some homework. I couldn't go to school today because nobody could give me a ride. Hopefully I can go to school tomorrow, I hate missing school. But I'm working a bit on my project that's due on Wednesday.
I had a good weekend until yesterday evening, haha. Spent the entire weekend at Irene's house and we were basically just laying out by the pool all the time. Hopefully this week will go by fast, I miss my family <3


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Before the show started today and people started to come in.
My bestie, Saniya and I. We're cute. We know.
Got my hair done. Weeei, blonde again!
Spain and I, in video prod. We're cute.
Just being cool and fly as I usually am in school.
Out tanning in March. 25 degress or more. HALLELUJAH!
Saniya and I, being extremely cute. Prettiest people at school.


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I've totally forgotten about blogging this week haha. But a short summary: been to school, tanning after school. Nothing has really been going on.

I went to an audition for a Spanish variety show a couple of days ago with my friend Saniya. We made the show so today I only have 3 classes then I'm gonna be in the theatre for the rest of the day. We're gonna do a dialog in front of the Spanish 1 students.

On Wednesday I got attacked by a spider while I was tanning. It was super big so I couldn't even scream I just ran inside. It was disgusting!

Only one week until my family comes here! Yay!


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Summer is finally here!!! Today after school I went outside and sat there for 2 hours or so. So now I've started on my tan. Right now it's 22 degrees and it's gonna get even hotter this week! Yay! Maybe I'll even skip wearing a jacket to school one day.

11 days until I get to see my family!!!!!! NEXT WEEK!!! I'm so excited to see them! And today everybody complimented on my hair! I don't wanna wash it!!! I wanna have it like this forever! And I got a love letter from a guy in my English class and then another cute guy smiled at me in biology! Wiiiie! I've had a good day!


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OMG!!!!! HOW CAN MY HAIR BE SO GORGEOUS?! I'm just in love with my hair right now. If I was a guy, I would date me. And the girl that did my hair told me I should come back to the US after I'm done with school in Sweden and become a hair model. And I also didn't have to pay her straight ironing my hair. She told me she really wanted to see it straight ironed so she did it for free. WIN! And I never straight iron my hair! It has really grown! LOVE IT! I'll just let the pictures say the rest!


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Finally gonna go and get my hair done today! Gonna get highlights in my roots. I was thinking about cutting it as well but naah, to scared. So I'm gonna get my hair done at 2 and I also need to buy a poster board for an english project. Gaaah. I hate the last weeks of a quarter. Just so many projects and tests.
Tonight I'll hopefully hang out with Irene and tomorrow I'm having dinner at Jena's house, yay. I had the greatest workout yesterday. I got there at like 3:30 and stayed until 6:30. I just kept going. I'm really determined to get back to my normal weight. Only 2 kg left!!!! And only 13 days left until I get to see my mom and sister again!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lucky One

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Feels like it happened a lot of stuff in school today but I don't know. We dissected a frog in Biology. The smell was terrible, but it was really cool to see all the organs. And in Video Prod we had our run-thru for our broadcast. I guess it went really good. Before we started, the director told me that I looked like I was going to a funeral. It was a lot of fun though. We'll record it on either Friday, Monday or Tuesday. Then, in Spanish, we had our presentations. Saniya and I laughed thru our whole dialogue. But! Ms Hungerford thought it was really good apparently and thought that we should be in the talent show. So yep. That's what I'm gonna do next Tuesday!
On Tuesday, when we didn't have any school, Kata, Ida, Amanda and I went to the park, and then to Tropical Smoothie. Then, when we we're back in the car, and I thought we we're going back to Amanda's house or something, they kidnapped me. They put on a blindfold and later headphones with loud music so I couldn't hear anything. When I finally could take the blindfold and headphones on, I was sitting on the New York-New York rollercoaster! And OMG! It was sooooo cool! You could see all over Vegas! Then we went and had dinner on the Strip and then they took me home. Absolutely one of my best days/nights here in Vegas!


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Today it's NHSPE (Nevada high school proficiency exams), but I decided to not do the ones I really need to do. So I'm chilling at Amanda's house. We're going out soon. Don't really know what we're gonna do. Bye.

scripts, arizona ice tea and tumblr

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I'm sitting on my bed trying to practice my PVTV script and my Spanish script. Yay. Probably gonna have my broadcast run-through on Wednesday/Thursday and then the Spanish on Thursday/Friday. So nervous about the newscast. Dang. Why did I choose to be an anchor?

I decided to not go to school for proficiencies. Instead I'll sleep at Amanda's house tonight with her, Ida and Kata. Yay!

Now I'm gonna finish my arizona and then keep looking around on tumblr.


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Yesterday I started the day with a Skype session with my mom + sister and then I had oatmeal and Ben&jerry for breakfast. Then I stayed in bed until like three watching OC and some other stuff. At 4 I finally went to the gyyyyym! Spent like almost 2 hours there and when I was done, my body was like spaghetti.

Today I don't really know what I'm gonna do. Probably just chill. If somebody wants to Skype, I'm up for it!

I'm stuck.

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I hate being stuck at home on a Friday. I wanna go to the gym but nobody wants to give me a ride. I asked if I could walk there. Nope. I hate this! And now I'm being forced to watch a documentary about the bible. I'M NOT INTERESTED! There's a reason to why I'm not religious. I don't care. I believe in science. Ahhhhh! It's BS! Sorry, but seriously. You can't force me to watch this. I WANNA GO TO THE GYM!!!!!!

Already Thursday, damn.

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The weeks go by so fast. Dang. Today when I woke up, I was like: oh no, it's only Monday. But no wait, it's thursday! Wiie! Tomorrow's finally Friday. Proficiency's are next week. I basically just need to be there. I don't have to pass them. So I'll basically just go there and sleep. It's in math and reading. I'm seriously not even gonna try. This year doesn't count for me so whatevaaah.
My social life = Great! I'm so thankful for that! Like, I finally have someone to text during boring classes and I have friends to talk about my feelings with. Yay!
I have some bad news though. My host family's moving to Georgia like the last week of April, so I need to find someone to live with the last six-seven weeks of my stay. GREAT! And I refuse to change school those final weeks. BLÄ. It makes me so mad.


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