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Off to California in about 10 min. I'll tell more about my birthday when I'm there, but so far, it's been really good! And thanks for all the birthday wishes! :*">">">">">">">">">">">">">">">" class="image">

Wave 4

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I got my flights yesterday, or the flight wave. I'm in wave 4, which is June 11-13. School ends on the 5th so then I have a week before I go home. Feels so unreal. Feels like I'm never gonna be back home, feel like I'm gonna stay here forever. But it was the same when I was gonna leave Sweden. It felt like I would never be in the US, but now I'm here, and I've been here for more than 6 months.

I felt so smart in school today!!! In US history we're talking about WWII, and who's a pro and knows everything about it? ME! I'm so thankful that we worked with it in ninth grade, cuz now I'm already ahead of everybody else in my class. And we're gonna have a test on it in two weeks and who's gonna ace it? ME!

I have an essay that's due on Thursday. I'm gonna write a persuasive essay about gay right. That's in English. And on my report card I got a D in English, 69,8%, 0,2% away from a C. So Yvonne called the school to make them change it, but apparently they had done something wrong! I didn't have 69,8%, I had 77%!!!!!!!!!! Wiiiiiiiiiiiie! Almost a B!!

So today was a really good day! Now I'm gonna finish my beautiful salad and then continue with my homework!

January 27th 2013

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Wish I could've been home today to celebrate my mom's birthday with her, but at least I was with them when my sister woke her up so that was nice!

Woke up around 9 today but stayed in bed until 12. Then I had breakfast and then I was on my computer for a while. Now I'm watching football with my host grandpa and Marissa. We're waiting for people to come over since it's my host grandma's birthday today. Everybody's birthday is today, my mom's, my host grandma and some other people that I know. And my birthday is in 4 days!

good day - bad day - good day

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That's exactly how my day was. Started my day with a 2,5 hour long skype sesh with my mom and then when we said goodbye I was doing nothing. Then when I started cleaning the bathroom I broke down. But that's all a part of the exchange year I guess. At 1:30 I went over to Irene's house to film our music video. It was a loooot of fun! At like 3 we had an ice cream break. I ate Oreo birthday cake ice cream, sooooooo goood!!!! Like oh ma gaad. And I also got to try on a graduation cap, that was cool!
At 4:45 I got picked up by Yvonne and Marissa and we went straight to the dinner. We celebrated mine, Sam's and Janice's birthday. It was fun! I got some gifts too. $20, a $10 gift card at DelTaco, and two shirts! Really nice!
In like 40 min I'm gonna skype with my sister and wake up my mom with her since it's my mom's birthday! Happy birthday mom, love you most!


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I'm totally in love with my gym! Marissa and I went there again today. And today we went up to the indoor track too. And OMG! LOVE IT! And we found an Adonis up there. A tall black guy running like a god, amazing. I just feel like hanging out at the gym all day everyday!

On Wednesday both Marissa and I each have our own private trainer (!!!). Mine's name is Brandon! Really excited about that!

Tomorrow I'm gonna Skype with mommy, record a music video @ Irene's with Alyssa, Tia and Irene, and then dinner out with the fam!

And gosh! Have you guys in Sweden seen the video of the girl that eats her own tampon?!?!?! RATCHET!!!


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Today I went to the gym for the first time since camp. SO NICE! They have everything! Classes, gym, pool, indoor track and more, love it! So now Marissa and I are gonna go there three days a week, yay!

After the gym I had a healthy dinner and then I cleaned my room and took a shower.

Städat rum, nydushad Emma och nytränad Emma! Toppen!

"We're gonna be best friends"

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Yesterday there was a new guy in my Spanish class, and when he found out that I was a Swedish exchange student, he said exactly what the rubric says. Kinda funny.

After school I did nothing, just slept. Then I watched Hannah Montana the movie before I went to bed for the night. Couldn't fall asleep until like 4 though and then I had a bad dream. So no sleep for me.

Now I'm sitting in English class writing something about Thomas Jefferson. After school at 5 we're gonna go to the gym. FINALLY!!!! I miss the gym so bad!

Me and Tia on the bus on our way home yesterday.

Starting to feel like Swedish summer

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So yesterday I was in bed until 2 and then I went out for a run. And OMG! It was so nice out! 18-20 degrees! In January!!!! So I only wore a t-shirt and tights, so nice! It's just like Swedish summer! Right now it's 17 degrees! Wiiie! Then at like 7, we watched the presidential inauguration from D.C. It was boring.

Second semester started today. We got our new schedules (mine didn't change though) and then had normal classes. There was some new people in some of my classes though, some nicer than others...

After school we went to Del Taco and then home. Now I'm gonna sleep and then print & fax some stuff (my gymnasie-application, yay)." class="image">

Martin Luther King Day

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So nice to be off from school! I'm just gonna lay in bed all day watching movies. Maybe I'll try to get some workout done later too.

And I'm almost done with the book I started reading at camp!!! Wiiie! If anyone wants to Skype, don't hesitate, cuz I'm bored.

Long weekend

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Tomorrow's Martin Luther King day so we don't have any school!! Wiie! Today I woke up waaaay to early because of a craycray bad dream. 6:50... Way to early on a Sunday. So now I'm watching Eclipse and eating Swedish candy.

Yesterday I went to bible study with my host family. It was.. interesting. Not really for me. Then we went to meadows mall so I could buy some birthday gifts.

Don't really know what we're gonna do today. I need to get some workout done.

First day of finals

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Argh, I feel like my finals went down the toilet. Especially the algebra. So bad. Guessed on like 75% of the questions. Blurgh. But tomorrow it's a new day and new finals in biology and US history. I get to have a cheat sheet in biology tho, just need to make one.
So today after school we went to in&out for some burgers. SO YUMMY! When we got home I read a little bit (in the book I started on camp..), and then I took a nap. Then I went out to the living room and watched The Office with Marissa. Then suddenly I felt fat so I went into my room and did some yoga and then a boot camp workout. Boot camp workouts are the best, my blissss!
Since then I've done some cleaning around the house and in my room. Gotta start studying and get some food. I want subway, NOW.
1. My closet in September when I got to my new family. 19 hangers! 2. My closet now, in mid-January, almost 6 months into my year. 47 hangers!

Semester finals

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So my semester finals start tomorrow. Tomorrow I have in English and algebra, Wednesday in biology and US history and on Friday in video prod and Spanish. We end at 11:45 everyday for the rest of the week though so that's nice! The finals kinda started today though. Wrote an essay in history and when I handed it in, I figured that I had been writing a 5 paragraph essay about the completely wrong thing haha. Fail. But whatever. We're gonna write another essay in English tomorrow and I'm gonna write about a typical Puritan. Don't ask me what it is though.

Now I gotta go and get some studying done!


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OMG! The most embarrassing thing happened today! In my last period, Yvonne texted me saying that I was gonna take the bus home. But the problem is that the only time I've taken the bus home, was when I was with a friend that lives in my neighborhood. So Yvonne told me to ask the staff that are outside by the busses to see what bus I was supposed to take. "N318, but it's running late so you'll have to wait a little bit". So I waited. And then the bus came and I jumped on the bus. When the bus was leaving I immediately knew that something was wrong cuz it turned the wrong way on its way out from the parking lot. But yeah. So I ended up on the other side of the freeway like 30 min away from home and Yvonne had to come and get me... Well, what's a Monday without a little bit of adventure?

Terrible Sunday

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I am so sick. I feel terrible. I just wanna be home and drink nyponsoppa all day while watching sex and the city with my sister. #dreamscenario


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Was actually gonna post something this morning from my computer but when I pressed the publish button, my computer died. Fail. That made me really mad. So I'm just gonna post something completely different now.

I'm getting sick. This morning, I was completely fine. It was only my nose that was terrible. But now, at 7pm, I feel worse and worse by the minute. Headache, body ache, cold, sneezing and just terrible. But we're gonna have a Harry Potter marathon soon so that'll probably make me feel a lil better.

We went out a little bit before to get me some duck tape (need to send some stuff to Sweden, hiho). So if I feel better tomorrow I'm gonna take a walk down to the post office to send stuff. Wait. Yes. The post office is open 24/7 here in America, just like everything else. Not like in Sweden where everything closes at 10pm and everything is closed on Sundays. Nope! Here EVERYTHING is open 24/7. Wiie!

And I really can't wait until March 22nd!!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet my family!<3

Pictures from our video prod!


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And now I won't find out what's gonna happen until Monday. Yay to a weekend without sleep and with a lot of stress!

lot of stuff going on

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So the meeting has only caused a lot of stupid things and I don't really know what's gonna happen in the next few weeks. I'm just very confused right now. I'm gonna try to call my IEC soon to try to get some information about what's going on. I'm just really scared of what really could be going on.

Bla bla bla

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I really don't know what to do! I'm just so mad! I thought it was gonna get better after the meeting but after today I just feel that it's gonna be really hard to get this thing back to a good situation.

Anyways, went to my first track practice today. They're so much better than me. I've never really had any competition since I always run by myself and nobody really pushes me, so I kinda always run my own pace and take it easy. So this was really hard. And of course my effing hip started hurting. Don't really know what to do with it. I felt like I was really failing. But we'll see.

One thing that makes me strong though, is that my mom and sister will be here in 73 days. Kinda need them here. Would be better if they were here with me right now, but you can't have everything.

Looking forward to the future

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So yesterday evening, my IEC came over to have a family meeting with me and my host family. It was just to talk about some problems that I think we have. I wanted something to change so that I'll have a great last semester here before I go home. So we talked about our expectations and stuff and I think we'll be good now.

Now I'm looking forward to all the trips with EF, my mom and sister coming here, PROM, and stuff. I'm gonna make these last 4-5 months great!

last day of winter break

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Can't believe we're going back to school tomorrow. I'm so not ready for it yet. But track season starts in February so that'll be fun! Today I'm going to the doctor's the get my physical done so I can hand in my sport packet. And then the tryouts will probably start soon. And hopefully I'll make the team! I really hope I do cuz then I'll have a lot to do everyday and not have so much time to kill after school.
So yeah, today I'm going to the doctor's. And I also need to get my children's book done for Spanish. Blä. I really wanna watch Big Brother. I miss it. And Paradise Hotel too. Blä. I don't wanna go back to school but at the same time I really wanna go back to school...
Now I'm gonna eat some breakfast and then start working on my book.


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Fan vad jag blir sur! Ingen vill lyssna på mig! Jag kom inte hit för att ligga och ha tråkigt! Jag kom inte hit för att göra exakt samma grejer jag kan göra hemma. Vafan.


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Fan vad jag blir sur! Ingen vill lyssna på mig! Jag kom inte hit för att ligga och ha tråkigt! Jag kom inte hit för att göra exakt samma grejer jag kan göra hemma. Vafan.

The Bellagio

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Spent the entire morning at the Bellagio down on the Strip to do a video prod project with Irene. We were taping the Christmas decorations and flowers and stuff and interviewed random people. And Irene made me do the last part of it all. I stood in front of the camera and saying: ... For PVTV, I'm Emma Liljegren with Irene and Tia. CAN'T BELIEVE MY FACE WILL BE ON PVTV. Really don't wanna watch it. Terrible.

We went down there at about ten so when I got home at 3, I was dead. It was a while a go since I woke up before 10, and today I woke up at 9. I was so tired when I got back home so I slept from like 4-7.. So now I'm wide awake, about to watch the Hunger Games, wiiie! Before we got home we also went to a couple of stores. Bought a birthday gift to my bestie and some goodies to me from VS since they had a great sale!


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I wrote the last post a lot earlier today but it didn't want to post it until now, haha. Puss!

Going craycray

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Feels like I have so much stuff to do! I have to pay my phone bill (today or it'll stop working), go up to Don's house and pay for the Brian Head ski trip (before the 5th or I won't be able to go), buy birthday & Christmas gifts to my bestie back home (both are late gifts sine her birthday was on the 1st, good job Emma) and buy birthday gifts to my mom and my sister (not late YET, but if I don't get them soon and send them soon, they will).

Today I woke up at 11 (!!!) and then I laid in bed watching housewives of Beverly Hills until 1. Then the cleaning ladies came so I couldn't be in my room anymore. So I went out to the living room instead and slept on the couch. Now the time is 4 pm and Yvonne and I are gonna leave soon to get two things done on my to-do-list, pay my phone bill and pay the trip.

And it's my birthday in 28 days, CRAYCRAY!!


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Wednesday workout: DONE

Woke up at 10 and went out for a run. 40 minutes! And I looked good in the pink running jacket I got for Christmas haha. Now I'm just gonna stretch and then take a shower! Talk to you guys later!


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I'm getting tired of this. I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss my freedom. I miss being independent. I miss my life. I miss being me.

2012 -> 2013

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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE BACK HOME!!! It's still 2012 here for another 5 hours and then it's our turn! We're gonna stay home, eat hamburgers and play pokino (bingo-thingy with pennies). Now I'm just laying around getting some rest before the thing from Times Square starts! And Justin's gonna be in it!! Wiiiie!

So yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say! SEE YA NEXT YEAR!


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