Like an adult

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I feel so damn productive! Yesterday I got all my laundry done, and today, I've paid three bills! Two medical bills and my phone bill. I'm so damn good! And now I'm cooking! Damn I'm good.

I had two tests today. I think they went okay. Got my returnee application signed by my counselor today too so I'll send that in later. Hopefully I can go to the gym today.

Wiiiie! Life's good!

Silver Linings Playbook

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I spent the weekend with Irene. On Saturday we went to the movies and watched Silver Linings Playbook. I have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence. Especially after she fell when she won her Oscar yesterday, haha. Can't wait for Catching Fire!

So yeah, I slept at Irene's house. Woke up at 1 on Sunday. At 3 I was back at my house and around 5 I went to the gym and ran 3 miles.

Today I've just been at school. I've realized how much I'm gonna miss American high school! All the sports, funnier classes, assemblies and all the clubs and stuff. On Sunday I had been here for 7 months. Kinda sick. And in less than 4 weeks my mom and sister will be here. Yay!

Wrap Your Arms Around Me - Gareth Dunlop

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Already Thursday! I really love short weeks. Today we started doing our broadcast projects in video production. I'm gonna be one of the anchors! Gosh, I'm gonna be really nervous on our taping day. But it'll be fun!
Later today I'm going to the gym and I need to do some homework as well. When I got home from school I fixed some papers from the car accident. Just a tip, don't get into any accident and don't get sick in the US. There's so much work. Hate it. And I still have to pay two bills with money that I don't really wanna spend on that. It sucks. Blä. I also did my application for being a returnee at camp this summer. Just gotta get it signed by my counselor tomorrow and then I'll send it in. I hope they pick me! Would be nice to go to Boston for two weeks this summer! I've also done some work with my trip home. So everything is done except for paying two bills!
Now I'm gonna watch some OC and then do some homework!

When you come to a stop..

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I haven't been myself for almost 7 months now. I can't be myself here. People stop me from being myself. They don't let me be myself. They don't trust me. Nobody trusts me here.
Whatever I do, something's always wrong. I feel like I can't do anything right here, especially not when I'm with my host family. They always make me feel like I'm doing something wrong. Something's always wrong. I'm wrong.
I seriously can't wait for my mom and sister to get here. I can't wait to be myself again!

Presidents' Day

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I've had such a chill weekend and we still have one day left, yay! On Saturday I started my day off with some Skype with my mom and sister. Then I stayed in bed until like 3 and watched The OC. Went out to the living room and watched a movie there and then back to my room to watch some more OC. On Sunday I woke up and watched more OC. At 11-12 something, Yvonne and I started watching Skyfall and after that Perks of Being a Wallflower. Fell asleep a bit while we were watching Skyfall but they were both really good. Then I went to my room to take a nap but ended up playing Spider Solitaire for about 2 hours... Ate some marabou and then I started my third movie of the day, Breaking Dawn part 2. I cried, a lot. Then I watched Miley Cyrus's new movie So Undercover. It was actually kinda good! And the cute guy from Revenge was in it. WIN! Then suddenly the clock was 12 at night but I started another episode of The OC so I stayed up until 2:30am last night.

Today I woke up first at 8 but fell asleep again. Woke up at 9, fell asleep again and then I woke up now, at 11. I really hope we can go to the gym today because I've been eating way to much swedish candy and marabou haha. Now I'm gonna have some breakfast and then continue watching The OC.

I miss going out at night :(

Pictures from Brian Head!


Publicerad 2013-02-15 05:06:36 i I USA,

Sorry for the bad update. Just been really concentrating on school and my social life haha. And I've also realized that I don't have that much time left here, only about four months left. Time has really gone by fast. Today it's Valentine's day. It was terrible. Seriously everbody at school has a boyfriend/girlfriend. And everybody was walking around with cupcakes, baloons, teddybears, candy, cakes and so much more. And me: forever alone with my bag with notebooks. Yay! But after school I got a card and a piece of candy from Finland! And when I got home I also got some gifts from Yvonne, so that was nice. But seriously. If you're in a relationship, everyday should be like Valentine's.
After school I've just been chilling, stuffing my face and listening to JB<3. And now my grades are good again!!!! Only A's and B's! Woho! And if I do some Spanish tonight I'll get that B to an A. We had a retarded sub in US history today. He was chinese and could barely speak english and took everybody's phone. And I really don't like our sub in English. His name is Mr Little but he's not little. Fail. I hope everyone else had a good Valentine's. Bye.

My weekend

Publicerad 2013-02-12 04:26:50 i I USA,

I got home from Brian Head, Utah yesterday at like 8pm or something. I basically just took a shower and then I went to bed. But here's a little recap from the weekend.
Got picked up from school at 3:30pm and then we went straight up to Brian Head. The exchange student invaded Subway on our way up. Haha, it was really funny. Everybody was with EF except for like 2 people. We got to Brian Head at like 9:30pm and it was soooo cold. I was still only wearing tights and a sweatshirt. But we got our rooms and I shared with Ida (Norway), Katariina (Finland) and Amanda (US). All of us go to Palo. Then we went to bed kinda early because there was nothing to do.
Woke up at 7:15am and had breakfast at the hotel at 8. Then at 9 we went to the ski rental place and got all our equipment. At 10, when the lifts opened we went outside. It was snowing allllll day and it was super cold! Couldn't feel my feet nor my hands after 2, 3 hours. So I went back to the hotel at like 3pm. Sat in front of the fireplace for 45min (yes, we had a fireplace in our room. It stopped working later though) and then at 5, 6pm something we had dinner at the hotel. After dinner everyone went to the pool/spa area of the hotel. 40 exchange students! So much fun! They had a steaming room, a sauna, a pool, and two hot tubs. We were mostly in the steaming room. At 9:30pm I headed back to the hotel room and had some snacks and watched Twilight with Kata.
Same morning routine, but I rented a snowboard instead!! Then me and like 10 other exchange students were standing outside in the cold waiting for our instructor. Apparently something was wrong so we had to wait until 11 for our instructor. But we went up in the lifts to try to get down the hill by ourselves. It did not go very well, haha. It took like 20 min for us to get down a hill that would normally take 2 min to get down haha. But we got down and then our instuctor came. HE WAS SO CUTE!!!! We had a lesson with him for 2 hours. And omg, I fell all the time. I even did a faceplant and everyone laughed. When the lesson was over we decided to try it ourselves. So we went up the lift and started. I gained a little bit too much speed and fell, really bad. I flipped down like 5 meters and hit my head really hard in the ground. So now my neck hurts even more... Fail. So no more snowboarding for me that day haha. I handed in my snowboard and got a hot chocolate and then me and another girl went back to the hotel together. Then we sat in like the cafeteria area for like 2 hours. I bought a pair of sweatpants as a souvenir for myself. I had to buy from the kids department because the adult ones were waaaay to big... At around 4pm we headed back to Vegas.
Today I'm so sore everywhere, my neck, legs, arms, stomach, back.. EVERYWHERE! And when I woke up I figured that I sprained my thumb when I fell while I was snowboarding. It sucks. But I'm going to the gym with Marissa soon. Can't do any weight lifting though, because of my thumb so I'm only gonna run today.

Mr. Panther pageant

Publicerad 2013-02-08 01:31:12 i I USA,

Been in school for two days now. I'm sooooo behind. My grades are really bad. I hate missing this much school. Now I only have like one A... It sucks! So now I have a loooot of homework. But even though I have a lot of homework, I'm going to the Mr. Panther pageant tonight at school. It's a pageant for senior boys, haha. And I also have to pack for tomorrow, cuz I'm going to Brian Head for some skiing with the other EF exchange student. I'm sooooo excited! It'll be so much fun!
Now I need to start with my homework and do some laundry. :*

Crazy weekend.

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So a lot of stuff has been going on. On Saturday we went shopping and then we went to IKEA (!!!!) for some dinner. Finally got my swedish food haha. I also bought negerbullar and meatballs there! And I bought a bag and a shirt from Forever 21 when we were shopping earlier that day.
Yesterday Yvonne took me and Marissa to some kind of marknad. And then we went to a mall. At five we met up with Marissa's sister and her roommate for dinner at Five Guys. I LOVE THEIR BURGERS! They have one in Vegas too and I've been there a few times, haha. When we were done eating we took Marissa, Antonette (her sister) and Brittany (her roommate) back to the hotel while Yvonne and I went to Walmart. 
So, at Walmart we were in the parking lot looking for a spot and we found one in the beginning of the isle closest to the doors. So we turn in there and suddenly there's a frigging pole in front of us that we run straight into. Neither me or Yvonne saw the frigging pole until it was too late. So the car's destroyed in the front and it's a rental, yaaaay.. 
So we spent the entire evening/night at the hospital. We got back to the hotel around 2:30am. We were supposed to go home today but nope, we have to stay at least one more day. I would be okay with staying if we could do stuff, but Yvonne's not allowed to drive so we're stuck here at the hotel. And I need to go back to the hospital today to get an x-ray of my neck. It's even more sore today.. When stuff like this happens, I just wish that my mom and sister was here with me.


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My day has probably been one of the best days of my entire year! So happy I went here! I even saw a celebrity, wiho! Kim from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! She was picking up her kid from school. Yvonne saw Lisa from the same show in her car but unfortunately I missed her. But we drove around in Beverly Hills, on Rodeo Drive, on Sunset Blvd, around by the massive houses in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Now when I got home I saw that Justin Bieber had been in West Hollywood at exactly the same time we were there! Didn't see him but still, we were in the same place! We also drove by the Beverly Hills hotel. Really cool!

Tomorrow we'll go down to one of the beaches, and hopefully to Santa Monica Pier! I LOVE L.A! This is probably the only place I would want to move to here in the US! I just love it here!


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Actually had a great birthday! Our hotel here in California is super nice and we had my birthday dinner at Yard House. I had ribs and then I got a chocolate soufflé for free! So it was really nice and the company was great! Just wishes that my family and friends from Sweden could have been there too! Doesn't really feel like my birthday though, but yep, I'm 17 now. Only one year til 18!!



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