Starting to feel like Swedish summer

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So yesterday I was in bed until 2 and then I went out for a run. And OMG! It was so nice out! 18-20 degrees! In January!!!! So I only wore a t-shirt and tights, so nice! It's just like Swedish summer! Right now it's 17 degrees! Wiiie! Then at like 7, we watched the presidential inauguration from D.C. It was boring.

Second semester started today. We got our new schedules (mine didn't change though) and then had normal classes. There was some new people in some of my classes though, some nicer than others...

After school we went to Del Taco and then home. Now I'm gonna sleep and then print & fax some stuff (my gymnasie-application, yay)." class="image">

Postat av: Madeleine

Publicerad 2013-01-23 10:41:07

Tights and t-shirt? ;)
Im so jealous at you! Its freezing here!

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