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OMG! The most embarrassing thing happened today! In my last period, Yvonne texted me saying that I was gonna take the bus home. But the problem is that the only time I've taken the bus home, was when I was with a friend that lives in my neighborhood. So Yvonne told me to ask the staff that are outside by the busses to see what bus I was supposed to take. "N318, but it's running late so you'll have to wait a little bit". So I waited. And then the bus came and I jumped on the bus. When the bus was leaving I immediately knew that something was wrong cuz it turned the wrong way on its way out from the parking lot. But yeah. So I ended up on the other side of the freeway like 30 min away from home and Yvonne had to come and get me... Well, what's a Monday without a little bit of adventure?

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Awhh snuttan<3

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