First day of finals

Publicerad 2013-01-17 02:46:32 i I USA,

Argh, I feel like my finals went down the toilet. Especially the algebra. So bad. Guessed on like 75% of the questions. Blurgh. But tomorrow it's a new day and new finals in biology and US history. I get to have a cheat sheet in biology tho, just need to make one.
So today after school we went to in&out for some burgers. SO YUMMY! When we got home I read a little bit (in the book I started on camp..), and then I took a nap. Then I went out to the living room and watched The Office with Marissa. Then suddenly I felt fat so I went into my room and did some yoga and then a boot camp workout. Boot camp workouts are the best, my blissss!
Since then I've done some cleaning around the house and in my room. Gotta start studying and get some food. I want subway, NOW.
1. My closet in September when I got to my new family. 19 hangers! 2. My closet now, in mid-January, almost 6 months into my year. 47 hangers!

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