Crazy weekend.

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So a lot of stuff has been going on. On Saturday we went shopping and then we went to IKEA (!!!!) for some dinner. Finally got my swedish food haha. I also bought negerbullar and meatballs there! And I bought a bag and a shirt from Forever 21 when we were shopping earlier that day.
Yesterday Yvonne took me and Marissa to some kind of marknad. And then we went to a mall. At five we met up with Marissa's sister and her roommate for dinner at Five Guys. I LOVE THEIR BURGERS! They have one in Vegas too and I've been there a few times, haha. When we were done eating we took Marissa, Antonette (her sister) and Brittany (her roommate) back to the hotel while Yvonne and I went to Walmart. 
So, at Walmart we were in the parking lot looking for a spot and we found one in the beginning of the isle closest to the doors. So we turn in there and suddenly there's a frigging pole in front of us that we run straight into. Neither me or Yvonne saw the frigging pole until it was too late. So the car's destroyed in the front and it's a rental, yaaaay.. 
So we spent the entire evening/night at the hospital. We got back to the hotel around 2:30am. We were supposed to go home today but nope, we have to stay at least one more day. I would be okay with staying if we could do stuff, but Yvonne's not allowed to drive so we're stuck here at the hotel. And I need to go back to the hospital today to get an x-ray of my neck. It's even more sore today.. When stuff like this happens, I just wish that my mom and sister was here with me.

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