Thursdays are annoying

Publicerad 2012-11-30 04:09:29 i I USA,

Okay. Now I'm frustrated. I just wrote a long post and then everything disappeared. I'm gonna try to write almost the same, maybe a bit shorter tho.

School was good today, really good. I have some fun stuff to tell my mom, sister and Madde this weekend, hihi. And all that fun happened today too! Since I got home I've been drinking tea, watching teen mom, doing laundry, doing homework and sleeping.

I will be so self disciplined when I get home! Like, I have so much homework EVERY DAY, and I just do it all! And I do my own laundry! I'm proud of myself.

Tomorrow night (Friday night), Michelle is coming over and staying here until Saturday because then we're going to the Lucia meeting in Henderson. And I'm soooo happy that Michelle joined!

Now I'm gonna continue doing my laundry and my math. Seeya!

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