november 10th

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just had an almost 3 hour long skype sesh with my mom and sister. and sorry about the bad update. don't really have any motivation or inpiration to write anything. this week we didn't have school on tuesday because of the election. GO OBAMA. I'm so happy that I chose to go here on an election year. it's been really interesting, especially the day after the election. all the mormons at the school were pissed, like really mad. but yeah. GO OBAMA! so on tuesday, marissa, yvonne and I drove around vegas shopping. I bought PJ pants and a shirt. and i also had like 3 burritos that day, haha. i'll miss del taco sooooo much when i go back home.
and i haven't been feeling really good this week so i haven't really been doing anything special. just school, home, pills and sleep. but i'm starting to feel better now so that's good. but yesterday evening i went to Kata's (Finland) with Ida (Norway) and made some peanutbutter/reese's/chocolatechip cookies. SOOOO YUMMY! so yeah, that's today's breakfast, haha. I tend to always have something unhealthy for breakfast when i'm skyping, haha. yolo. no, just kidding. but i think i'm losing weight so that needs to be celebrated with some cookies. i don't know if we're gonna do anything special today. maybe i'll go out and run later. we'll see.
hope everyone back home is doing alright, cause i am.
Tia, one of the first persons I ever met at Palo. Now, one of my best friends here :3
sky-high shoes at nordstroms, haaaad to try them on.
new shirt, from buffalo exchange (second hand)
PJ pants with hello kitty. $10!!!!
the cafeteria. CHAOS.
me and my brazilian friend arthur. and no, he doesn't always look that disgusted with life.

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