I'll be waiting with a gun and a pack of sandwiches

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Missed my two last periods because of my appointment at the hospital. But there was kinda nothing wrong with my foot. I'm just not allowed to run or wear normal shoes anymore. I have to wear either flipflops or other shoes that are open in the back. Do I have shoes like that? No. I just have my flipflops, but my feet will freeze to death if I have to wear them. So I'll just wear my Minnetonkas tomorrow.
When we got home at like 1:30, I went straight to bed and I woke up like an hour ago (4:30). Now I'm watching wifeswap, drinking tea, listening to music and soon I'm gonna start working on my homework too. MULTITASKING FTW!
December starts this week. It makes me depressed. This year has gone by too fast. Oh well, I can't slow down time. I want to, but I can't. Oh, that sounded deep. BYE!

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Why and for whom?!

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Hoppas de går bra för dig, njut!
Lycka till. //
Gammal vän.. <3

Svar: okej, vi måste snacka.
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