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Hi y'all.
Had a reeeeaaaaally good day today. Had three test (the only bad part about the day) but I think I did good on two of them, but I'll know the results on Monday so we'll see. In spanish we had out Día de los muertos, which is like the mexicans halloween. They celebrate the dead ones and make altars for them filled with food, candles, flowers and other stuff to remind about the dead one. I was in a group with seven others and we made our altar about one of the girls in my group, Brittany. And we all had a lot of fun. AND!! I got red cups (!!!) and mexican candy with me home! I'll post a picture of our beautiful altar further down.
Then after school, Irene (Spain) and I went down to the Strip for some shopping!!!!!! Bought shoes, a shirt, a sweatshirt, a necklace, lipbalm and a tanktop (I'll post pictures). And gooosh! I love the Strip! And gooosh! Irene is so härlig! We also had a coffee at Starbucks and I had the beeeest thing ever, Peppermint Latte<33333333.
Now I neeeeed to sleeeeep. Goodnight beautiful people<3
 Pictures from the chaotic cafeteria in school. Yourcan also see one of my first better friends in the first picture, Courtney.
Darryl, a guy in my spanish class stole my phone and took a bunch of cute pictures. :3
Thought I was pretty cute in this beanie, but I forgot that it doesn't get that cold here :(
Irene and I, tahahaha.

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Yes! You found the shoes:-D

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