glasögon-orm = glasses-worm?

Publicerad 2012-11-11 04:25:22 i I USA,

do you say that in english? glasses-worm? worm-glasses? glass-worm? i have noooo idea. but whatever. im a glasögon-orm right now with my PJ-pants and my sweden shirt on. ive been laying in bed 95% of the day just watching shows on tv3play (svenska hollywood fruar, efterlyst, stalker etc) and im loving every second of it. gunilla person is soooooo out of her mind, gosh. i feel really sorry for her kid, just saying. i guess i cant really say anything about being a bad mom since im not a mom, but i know that shes not a good mom. sure, she loves her daughter more than everything and gives her opportunities (?) and stuff, but the kids mind is going to be effed when shes older. well, well, i need to continue watching it now. byyyyye.

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