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Now I can finally post blog post from the!!!! It hasn't been working for 2 months or something and now finally!

I slept over at Irene's (Spain) house yesterday til today. We spent yesterday evening/night watching the EMAs, Teen Mom and then Grease. Gosh. It was such a long time ago since I saw Grease, and I love ittttt! And Danny Zuko has a look-a-like in my English class, haha. They look EXACTLY the same. I've said to some people to take a picture of him, but I can't do it. Cause we got a new seating chart and now he's on the other side of the room. But yeah. I'll still try.

Hihi, and now Irene is skyping with someone back home and it sounds so cool when she's speaking Spanish!!! I've heard Spanish before, but in some way, this sounds cooler.

Don't really know what we're gonna do today. I woke up like ten minutes ago at 10:20. Yvonne will probably pick me up around 2. I'm still tired though.

I went out running yesterday!! For the first time in two weeks! And in one week my new workout program starts!!!! And it's called R4FL (running for fat loss), HAHAHAHAH. But yeah, so now I'm gonna lose my extra kilos.

Now I'm gonna watch a movie or something. Muuah ( :* )

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