10 months

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Tomorrow I've been here for 10 months. And it has probably been the best 10 months in my life so far. Especially the last two months. I've been so happy these last two months and I love my life here. I love my American life!

Today, Thursday, was the last day of school this week. Tomorrow it's Staff Development Day and on Monday it's Memorial Day so no school on Monday either yay! There's a lot of projects and stuff now at the end of the year and I have a big one that's due next week. Jena, and many of my senior friends are at Gradnight at Disneyland today so I'm just gonna stay home tonight and do my project.

Tomorrow I'm gonna start my day with some Skype with my bestie from back home and then watch Wizard of Oz with Jena and Jerry. And tomorrow night I'll probably go and hangout with friends. Really looking forward to this 4-day weekend. I'm just gonna hangout with friends and sleeeeep. Next week is full of review and the the week after that is full of finals and then I go back to Sweden. So crazy. Less than three weeks. Wäääh.

We got our yearbooks this week. I'm in a really big picture haha. Terrible, cuz it's during spirit week and during pajama day so I look like a bum. Haha but whatever.

Now I'm gonna have some dinner with Jerry. Byyye!


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Prom was awesome, almost two weeks ago already haha. Haven't really had time or energy to post anything here but everything's been great. I don't understand why all the great things happen in the end because now I don't want to leave. I've grown close to people and it's gonna be really hard to leave.

Weekend in L.A/Hollywood [PICTURES]

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Last friday, I woke up at 4 and at 5:30, Jena, Amanda, Kata, Ida and I got picked up from the school. When we got to L.A at around 12-1 something we went straight to Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills. And I actually bought something on Rodeo Drive from Juicy Couture. I felt rich haha. Then we went to Hollywood Blvd. Captain America asked for my number and wanted to take me to his hotelroom haha. And he looked like Bradley Cooper haha. Jena, Amanda and I had dinner at Chick-fil-A. Best food ever. Bought some stuff that day. Don't remember eveything but at least a shirt, a snapback, a bandeau. It was a lot of fun. 
On Saturday we went to Universal Studios and spent the entire day there entil 7pm when the park closed. Then we went to the CityWalk and looked around. Justin Bieber taped some parts of his video for Baby at the CityWalk so that was cool.
Santa Monica and the pier was Sunday's plans. We were mostly on the third street promenade because the beach was way too cold haha (20 degrees C). Walked around in the stores for like 2 hours and then we went down to the beach just cuz. The water was freeeeezzzzing, but Amanda and Kata were swimming haha.
99% of the pictures are Amanda's so no stealing.
The car from the Back to the Future triology. COOL.
Right now, Irene and I are at my house. When Jena comes home we're gonna go and get shoes for prom since I couldn't wear my sneakers... But whatever, it's always nice with some new shoes. Saturday wil be so stressful but I can't wait! Going back home soon. Damn.

getting asked to prom

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Yesterday was eventful haha. After school I went with my hostdad to pick up Jena and then we went down to the mall to find a prom dress. At 5-6 something when we were done we went home for about 5 min and then Jena and I went back to school for a comedy show. After the comedy show, this happened (pictures). Haha. Great day!


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