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Yes I'm at home. I got home last Monday, the 10th. Surprised my sister and my best friend. It was soooo much fun, especially my sister. she graduated on the Wednesday after that and she thought I wasn't gonna come home for her graduation. She started crying, laughing and screaming. Exactly the reaction I wanted. 
It's been hard being back though. Both mentally and physically, but mostly mentally. Everything's different. And everything feels new. But I'll be fine soon.

Graduation Party

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A friend of mine is having his graduation party tonight so that's my plans. Probably gonna stay there pretty late since it's my last Saturday here.

Almost done packing. Sucks. It doesn't feel real though. Doesn't feel like I'm gonna be in Sweden next week hugging family and friends. Sick.

3 days

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Only three days left of American high school, and they're not even real days. We're only gonna have finals and we end everyday at like 11:30. We had our last full day yesterday. It feels so weird.

I got a diploma from CCSD for finishing my year, and it's almost exactly like the ones they give out when you finish high school so that was cool. I've started packing a little bit, which is very sad. I feel like crying every time I see my suitcases.

I'm very stressed out. I feel like I have so many things to do. I'm not ready to leaveeeee. I love my life here.


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