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(I wrote all of this yesterday, but it didn't wanna post it)
I hate living in a messy room but that's exactly what I'm doing right now. I'm staying in their living room and I sleep on one of the couches. Then, I have half of the room filled with my stuff. There's stuff everywhere! I didn't realize I had that much stuff. I came to the US with a big suitcase and a bag. Now, I have my big suitcase, my bag + 8 more bags. Dang! Like how can you even get that much stuff in 8 months?! I really have no idea how I'm gonna get back home to Sweden with this much stuff... And! The suitcase now only has clothes in it. No shoes, books or anything. Just clothes.

Today I went back to school finally! You get really bored when you're just sitting at home for two days. But it's so hard to like find the clothes I wanna wear since they're all in the suitcase. Lucky for me, we have spirit week this week (battle of the sexes - hungergames). Today it was army girl vs. army boy. So I had my black jeans, a military green shirt and my military jacket. On Monday it was business man vs. business woman and yesterday (Tuesday) it was crazy Capitol boy vs. crazy Capitol girl. So sad I missed it! Tomorrow it's the actual battle so we're all gonna wear our battle shirts. I preordered mine last week so I picked it up today. The girls' shirts are pink and the boys' are blue. I'll post a picture of mine.

After school we went home for a bit and then at 5 we went to my new "host sisters" (my IEC's exchange students) choir concert at kltheir school. It was really cool! We got home like an hour ago so now I'm gonna eat and continue with my homework!

Pictures: my battle shirt and the sunset at cimarron HS.

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