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So a lot of stuff happened yesterday. Not gonna talk about all the details, but basically I've moved now. Or I'm staying with my IEC until my family comes here, then I'll stay with my family at their hotel for spring break and then I'll hopefully move to my new host family. And when I had to pack yesterday.. OMG. I really didn't know I had that much stuff. It's my suitcase and then like 7 different bags with more stuff. The suitcase only has clothes in it. CRAYCRAY! But it's good, because now I know what I'm gonna have to deal with when I'm going back to Sweden.
So yeah, I'm at my IEC's house now doing some homework. I couldn't go to school today because nobody could give me a ride. Hopefully I can go to school tomorrow, I hate missing school. But I'm working a bit on my project that's due on Wednesday.
I had a good weekend until yesterday evening, haha. Spent the entire weekend at Irene's house and we were basically just laying out by the pool all the time. Hopefully this week will go by fast, I miss my family <3

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