The Bellagio

Publicerad 2013-01-05 05:39:07 i I USA,

Spent the entire morning at the Bellagio down on the Strip to do a video prod project with Irene. We were taping the Christmas decorations and flowers and stuff and interviewed random people. And Irene made me do the last part of it all. I stood in front of the camera and saying: ... For PVTV, I'm Emma Liljegren with Irene and Tia. CAN'T BELIEVE MY FACE WILL BE ON PVTV. Really don't wanna watch it. Terrible.

We went down there at about ten so when I got home at 3, I was dead. It was a while a go since I woke up before 10, and today I woke up at 9. I was so tired when I got back home so I slept from like 4-7.. So now I'm wide awake, about to watch the Hunger Games, wiiie! Before we got home we also went to a couple of stores. Bought a birthday gift to my bestie and some goodies to me from VS since they had a great sale!

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TJARRÅÅ! Jag är Emma, 19 år, från fina Lund! Är f.d utbytesstudent som spenderade mitt år i Las Vegas, NV, USA. Kolla bakåt i arkivet om ni vill se hur jag hade det. Har ni frågor? Maila till!



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