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That's exactly how my day was. Started my day with a 2,5 hour long skype sesh with my mom and then when we said goodbye I was doing nothing. Then when I started cleaning the bathroom I broke down. But that's all a part of the exchange year I guess. At 1:30 I went over to Irene's house to film our music video. It was a loooot of fun! At like 3 we had an ice cream break. I ate Oreo birthday cake ice cream, sooooooo goood!!!! Like oh ma gaad. And I also got to try on a graduation cap, that was cool!
At 4:45 I got picked up by Yvonne and Marissa and we went straight to the dinner. We celebrated mine, Sam's and Janice's birthday. It was fun! I got some gifts too. $20, a $10 gift card at DelTaco, and two shirts! Really nice!
In like 40 min I'm gonna skype with my sister and wake up my mom with her since it's my mom's birthday! Happy birthday mom, love you most!

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