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Already Thursday! I really love short weeks. Today we started doing our broadcast projects in video production. I'm gonna be one of the anchors! Gosh, I'm gonna be really nervous on our taping day. But it'll be fun!
Later today I'm going to the gym and I need to do some homework as well. When I got home from school I fixed some papers from the car accident. Just a tip, don't get into any accident and don't get sick in the US. There's so much work. Hate it. And I still have to pay two bills with money that I don't really wanna spend on that. It sucks. Blä. I also did my application for being a returnee at camp this summer. Just gotta get it signed by my counselor tomorrow and then I'll send it in. I hope they pick me! Would be nice to go to Boston for two weeks this summer! I've also done some work with my trip home. So everything is done except for paying two bills!
Now I'm gonna watch some OC and then do some homework!

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