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Sorry for the bad update. Just been really concentrating on school and my social life haha. And I've also realized that I don't have that much time left here, only about four months left. Time has really gone by fast. Today it's Valentine's day. It was terrible. Seriously everbody at school has a boyfriend/girlfriend. And everybody was walking around with cupcakes, baloons, teddybears, candy, cakes and so much more. And me: forever alone with my bag with notebooks. Yay! But after school I got a card and a piece of candy from Finland! And when I got home I also got some gifts from Yvonne, so that was nice. But seriously. If you're in a relationship, everyday should be like Valentine's.
After school I've just been chilling, stuffing my face and listening to JB<3. And now my grades are good again!!!! Only A's and B's! Woho! And if I do some Spanish tonight I'll get that B to an A. We had a retarded sub in US history today. He was chinese and could barely speak english and took everybody's phone. And I really don't like our sub in English. His name is Mr Little but he's not little. Fail. I hope everyone else had a good Valentine's. Bye.

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