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My day has probably been one of the best days of my entire year! So happy I went here! I even saw a celebrity, wiho! Kim from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! She was picking up her kid from school. Yvonne saw Lisa from the same show in her car but unfortunately I missed her. But we drove around in Beverly Hills, on Rodeo Drive, on Sunset Blvd, around by the massive houses in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Now when I got home I saw that Justin Bieber had been in West Hollywood at exactly the same time we were there! Didn't see him but still, we were in the same place! We also drove by the Beverly Hills hotel. Really cool!

Tomorrow we'll go down to one of the beaches, and hopefully to Santa Monica Pier! I LOVE L.A! This is probably the only place I would want to move to here in the US! I just love it here!

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