Luxor's Titanic exhibit

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DUDE! Forgot to tell you guys about the Titanic exhibition I went to with my mom on Spring break! It was at Luxor, the hotel next to ours and when we were on our way in we got our tickets which had the names of a real passenger. I was Mrs. Boulton Earnshaw, 23 yrs old from Mt Airy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I had been in Europe in an effort to take my mind of my impending divorce. My mom was a clothing designer! Then we went through the exhibition. It was soooooooo cool! They had stuff there from real passengers that they had found at the bottom of the ocean, a piece of the Titanic (!!!!) and several other stuff! The last room of the exhibition had a wall with all the passengers, the ones that had died and the ones that had survived. My character was a 1st class passenger and I was one of the few that survived. My mom's character survived too. And her character was displayed inside the exhibit with some information and some of her stuff! So cool!!!

I just remembered that I hadn't posted anything about it now that I found my ticket, haha. Later today I'm going to Kata's lacrosse game with Irene! Woho, my first lacrosse game! And I probably got a date for prom as well, yay!

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