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The fact that I've been here for 9 months now and going home in like 1.5 makes me wanna cry or something. This is by far the best year of my life. All the people I've met, the places I've seen, the things I've done. I'm gonna miss this place so damn much. It's unbelievable that I won't be able to graduate here with all my friends. I feel more American than Swedish. I love this place.
So, what has been going on? A lot of stuff! Last friday, like a week ago, Jena, Amanda and I went over to Alex's house and me up with Jacoby, Holden and Alec. Were there until like 12 and then we went to In-n-out for some late night dinner and we had a lot of fun! On Saturday we went and hung out with different people.
The this week it's been a lot of school, friends and shooting a trailer for video prod. It has all been a lot of fun! I love it here and I'm super sad that I'm going home soon.
Tomorrow morning, we're off to L.A. At 5:30 in the morning, Jena, Amanda, Kata and I need to be at the school to get picked up. It's with EF. And then next weekend, on the 4th: PROM! Super excited about that! Kata is gonna fix my dress which I'm so thankful for because going to a tailor and get it done was like $50-60. So thankful for my great friends here!
Here's pictures from the week!
My bestie Micko.
Irene and I just chillen
I have the best friends. Ida, Irene, Kata and Amanda. And then me.
Amanda and I at Alex's house
Trailer for VP
I'm so badass.
A scene from our trailer. Alyssa, me and Tia.
Taking a break from shooting.
Me and Ignacio. My bestie in algebra. The teacher moved him today tho cuz we where having too much fun.
And Arthur my brazilian.

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