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Approx 2 months left until I go home. Am I sad or excited? SAD! I wanna finish high school here. School here is so much more fun and I love the people here and I love my American life. So what the heck. I WANNA STAY! Especially now that I live with this family. It's so much better! I'm busy all the time and I have plans for almost every day! Dude, I need to go to college here. 3 years in Sweden, then I wanna come back. USA has grown on me, a lot! Even though some things here are kinda jacked up, I love it. Why is it only 2 months left?!
This week has gone by fast. Tomorrow's already Friday! And for the first time ever in my life, it's not good that the time is going by fast. It's only good if the time goes by fast 1st and 2nd period haha. I really don't like my second period, algebra. Or, it's mostly mrs Campbell that's the problem. She insulted me this week. I hate her.
The LA-trip and Prom is almost here!!! The LA-trip is in two weeks I think and then prom is the weekend after that! Jena is coming with me on the LA-trip, yay! And I pretty much have a date for prom as well. Or, like, it's hard to explain. Whatever. You'll find out more soon.

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