Veterans Day

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Today is Veterans Day, that's how I could stay over at Irene's house. So yeah, no school for me today. I went with Irene and her aunt to a shopping centre during the day. I bought earrings from Wet Seal and a smoothie from McD. They dropped me off at home around 1:30 and since then I've been planning christmas gifts and how to ship them, watching Lost and Midsomer Murders. I introduced Midsomer Murders to Yvonne yesterday and apparently she has been watching it all night yesterday and all day today, haha. So thanks to my mom that introduced me to it!
I just got done changing my sheets and cleaning my room. I've also looked at what trips I want to do with EF and I've decided to go on trips to Grand Prix Racetrack, Brian Head Ski Trip, Los Angeles - Hollywood and Grand Canyon. So now I know how much money I need to save from my savings and how much I can spend, haha. But I neeeeed to save a lot of money for the LA trip.
Tomorrow it's school again. I still have homework for tomorrow and it's already 9pm and I haven't even started... GOOD JOB EMMA! And I need to get my hair done, cause it looks like a mess. It feels like I have so much stuff to do. And next week it's Thanksgiving. Really excited about that!
Now I need to start working on my homework. PEACE!

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