today, november 4th

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Woke up at 5am and couldnt go back to sleep so I put on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was the english verison so that sucked. But I watched it for an hour or so and played some wordfeud with mom then I went back to sleep for an hour and woke up at 7. Watched the end of the movie (yes, the movie is like 2,5 hours long, haha) and then I figured that they had changed the time during the night so it was actually 8. So I opened up my computer and organized all my pictures, deleted some and stared at some, haha. At like 10, I went up and had some breakfast and then I went into the showurrrr. When I was done I got ready for the day. At 12.30-ish, Louise (the mom in the Swedish family I know in Henderson) picked me up and we went to the SWEA-meeting. The SWEA group is a group of Swedish people here in Vegas and it was so weird to hear Swedish and be able to speak in Swedish to everybody in the house, reeeaaaally weird. But we planned a little bit for the Luciatåg we're gonna do on December 8th. We sang christmas/lucia songs and had kanelbullar, ballerina, pepparkakor and other yummy Swedish stuff. And yeah I had to write that in Swedish. I'm just awesome like that.
Then when I got home around 3:30pm something, I looked myself in the mirror and got bored with how I looked, so I made a new ear piercing, with the earring. I'm just awesome like that. And in the picture, it's the little black one that is the new one.
I just had tostadas for dinner and now I need to continue on my project that I don't have the papers for, yaaaaay. I hate homework, especially if I need to do them on the weekend...

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