Boxing Day

Publicerad 2012-12-27 06:27:51 i I USA,

Didn't do a lot today. Woke up at 9 and watched The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo until 11:30 and then I slept some more until 1. Then I had some breakfast and watched How I Met Your Mother and helped Yvonne with the turkey fryer. At 3:30, Marissa and I went down to the mall. And I was so good! I only spent $12 on a pair of sunglasses that I've tried on every time we've been there since like October. So it was really time for me to buy them. Then we had dinner at the Nordstroms cafe. I had a California Panini and it was really good! After that we went back home and did some squats. I also got a late Christmas gift! It was all sorts of shower thingies so I was really happy about that! Now we're laying on the couch waiting for my IEC to get here, getting tired.


They're like mint green, unfortunately you can't see that on my really cool picture.

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