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It's 1:20 pm and I just woke up, haha. At 11:40 last night, Ida, Marissa and Kaya (Marissa's cousin) and I went down to fashion show mall. And gosh! It took like 20 minutes just to get in because of all the cars. Forever21 had no sale at all, bummer. But stores like topshop, Abercrombie&Fitch and Hollister had great sales!! I bought an expensive sweatshirt though... $55. But when I tried it on it was just purrrrfect. Then I bought some stuff at topshop too. An I took a photo with the shirtless guy at Abercrombie haha. I had to. He was cute. Ida and I walked around by ourselves an we bought JambaJuice. Oh, how I love JambaJuice<3 At 4 am we got picked up by Yvonne and headed home but I didn't go to bed until like 5:15 something, had to Skype with ma bestieee<3 So yeah, maybe that's why I woke up so late haha. Now I have to get up, get going and do something with my life.

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