3rd post today, gosh.

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hi, again, or for the third time actually. im making up for not blogging for a long time. well, i thought i was gonna lay in my bed and watch svenska hollywood fruar all night. and then marissa came into my room and asked if i wanted to go to starbucks. DUH! OF COURSE! and im totally in love with the peppermint latte. i hope espresso house has something like that so that you can experience a half-good version, hihi. STARBUCKS<333 but now im gonna continue with my SHF marathon.
oh, and two other things im in love with. having my hair in a donut on top of my head + my hm sweatshirt that i bought last weekend. LOVE. i feel weird today. BYE.
tried to be as cute as I was before.

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Publicerad 2012-11-18 21:03:22

Det finns Starbucks i Malmö! Inte så långt hemifrån!

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